Special Extract from:
Weapon of the Strong
Conversations on US State Terrorism

The Discourse of Terror
An Interview with Judith Butler

Judith Butler
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Autumn 2014


Globalization and imperialism, refugees, enforcing borders, nationalist propaganda, and wealth migration.

Mats Svensson: Palestine: A Thief Crawled into Grandmother and Grandfather’s Bed

Rebecca Omonira-Oyekanmi: Fleeing the War in Syria to Seek Sanctuary in Europe

John Ripton: Ebola, Terrorism and Global Wealth Mal-Equity: The Roots of Long-Term Global Crises

Jason Hirthler: The Middle Children of History: The not so subtle demise of the American Dream

Little Big Pine: The Corporate Color Guard: Together Forever in Uncle Sam’s Cabin

Kenneth Couesbouc: Reaping the Whirlwind

James Rothenberg: Here and There in America


Steve Davis: The Eugenics Virus at the Heart of Evolution Studies

Ismael Hossein-zadeh: Ideological Foundations of the Mainstream Neoclassical Economics: Class Interests as “Economic Theory”

Steve Davis: When Science Is Not Science

Carl Finamore: Move Over Keynes, Make Room for Marx: Radical Ideas for Radical Times

Ismael Hossein-zadeh: Why President Rouhani’s “Economic Package” is Empty

Karyn Strickler: Fear This, Congress: The People’s Climate March

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Winter 2015

Recent Issues

Summer 2014
The 1%

The rise of the transnational corporation, the global elite, and the new class war.

Summer 2014 The 1%

Spring 2014 Secrets & Lies
Spring 2014
Secrets & Lies

Whistleblowers, democracy funding, spy networks, government lies, and media control.

Winter 2014
Sex Sells

Commodity logic and its relation to libido, repressed sexuality, gender roles and representations.

Winter 2014 Sex Sells

Autumn 2013 Political Violence
Autumn 2013
Political Violence

From suicide bombing and terrorism to civilian law, protest and symbolic forms of resistance.


From the Archives

Ron Jacobs: The Drug War That Never Ends
October 2010

Drug Plant

“History makes the likelihood of US involvement in the current drug trade in Afghanistan, Colombia and who knows where else more likely than not.”

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