Special Extract from:
Weapon of the Strong
Conversations on US State Terrorism

The Discourse of Terror
An Interview with Judith Butler

Judith Butler
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Spring 2014

The 1%Warren Buffett & Barack Obama, 2010
The 1%

The rise of the transnational corporation and the global elite, the concentration of wealth, the growth of inequality, political control, and the new class war.

Ismael Hossein-zadeh: Parasitic Finance Capital and Inequality

Little Big Pine: Hi. Uncle Sam Here…

Sharon Beder: Business-Managed Democracy: The Transnational Class

Carl Finamore: Living Poor in San Francisco: Inequality by the Bay

Ismael Hossein-zadeh: WW III: More Interclass than International

Kenneth Couesbouc: The Ups and Downs of Wealth

Robert Fantina: Rich and Poor in the U.S: All According to Plan

Martha Rosenberg: Interview with Michael Arria, author of Medium Blue: the Politics of MSNBC


Steve Davis: The Search for a Definition of Life

Shepherd Bliss: Black Oak Down

Recent Issues

Spring 2014 Secrets & Lies
Spring 2014
Secrets & Lies

Whistleblowers, democracy funding, spy networks, government lies, and media control.

Winter 2014
Sex Sells

Commodity logic and its relation to libido, repressed sexuality, gender roles and representations.

Winter 2014 Sex Sells

Autumn 2013 Political Violence
Autumn 2013
Political Violence

From suicide bombing and terrorism to civilian law, protest and symbolic forms of resistance.

Summer 2013

An open issue covering a whole host of political, economic and cultural discussions.

Summer 2013


From the Archives

Simon Critchley: Crypto-Schmittianism
December 2005

Bush War Budget 2003

“Politics has arguably always been conducted at the level of fantasy, the image and spectacle, but it is particularly egregious at the present time. Indeed, what unites the Bush Administration and Al Qaeda is their obsession with the spectacle, a painful love affair with the image.”

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