Special Extract from:
Weapon of the Strong
Conversations on US State Terrorism

The Discourse of Terror
An Interview with Judith Butler

Judith Butler
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Spring 2014

Secrets & Lies

Whistleblowers and the law, NGOs and ‘democracy funding’, global spy networks, a history of government lies, control of media communication, and Netanyahu talking peace.

Little Big Pine: WWFDUSNDW? (Poetry)

Jason Hirthler: Greenbacks for Bloodbaths: How to Get Maximum Return on Taxpayer Dollars

Peter Van Buren: Silencing Whistleblowers Obama-Style: Supreme Court Edition?

Robert Fantina: Secrets and Lies of U.S. Presidents: Business as Usual

Kenneth Couesbouc: Deception and Disbelief

Binoy Kampmark: The European Spy Bazaar: The Snowden Testimony

William Cook: The Face of Falsehood

Robert Sandels: The Metamorphosis of Georg K. (Fiction)


Rajesh Makwana: Equity + Sustainability = Sharing Globally

Adam Parsons: Viva la Sharing Spring!

Little Big Pine: Niemöller Remastered (Poetry)

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Summer 2014

Recent Issues

Winter 2014
Sex Sells

Commodity logic and its relation to libido, repressed sexuality, gender roles and representations.

Winter 2014 Sex Sells

Autumn 2013 Political Violence
Autumn 2013
Political Violence

From suicide bombing and terrorism to civilian law, protest and symbolic forms of resistance.

Summer 2013

An open issue covering a whole host of political, economic and cultural discussions.

Summer 2013

Spring 2013 Energy
Spring 2013

Green-corporate links, resource shortages, nuclear power and the dicourse on energy issues.


From the Archives

Cihan Aksan & Jon Bailes: Iraq and its Aftermath: An Interview with Tony Benn
March 2006

Tony Benn

“I think it’s very simple. If you want change you do it yourself. All progress historically has come from below.”

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